Here are some links I consider interesting.

Environment protection organizations

WWF, World Wildlife Fund
ZGF, Frankfurt Zoological Society
Pro Natura

Photographic organizations

GDT, Society of german animal photographers
NFS, Swiss nature photographers (in german only)
PGB, Bernese photographic society (in german only)

Nature Photography competitions and festivals

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition
European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition
Natures Best Awards
GDT Nature Photographer of the Year competition
International Festival of Nature Photography with yearly competition, Montier en Der, France
International Nature Photography festival of the GDT, Lünen, Germany
International Nature Photography festival in Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

Travel Organizations

Sunworld Safaris, Kenya Photography Specialist
Josef van Os Photosafaris, Worldwide
Oceanwide Expeditions, Arctic areas

Digital Photography

dpreview, very good reviews and forums
RobGalbraith, good information in general, storage media tests

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