I have had the big honour to be a two times category winner in the 2005 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, the world's most prestigious competition for nature photography. The winning photographs were chosen among more than 17'000 entries from over 55 countries and tour the world in an exhibition, which visits more than 30 countries, including Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan and the USA. I won the Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Wildlife and the Animals in Their Environment award. I am extremely honoured to have won these two categories as my main motivation for nature photography comes from the wish to contribute to the conservation of our endangered wildlife and habitats and I also believe that nature photographs showing animals in their natural habitat can pay a very efficient contribution to this goal. In 2007, my image penguin in a sand storm was awarded a highly commended in the same competition, chosen among more than 32'000 entries.

In 2006, my image of a red crowned crane in Japan won the second price in the birds category and my image of a baby elephant crossing the mara river a highly commended with the " European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition" , organized by GDT.

I have also received awards in the "International Wildlife and Nature Photography Festival" of Montier-en-Der, the biggest nature photography competition in France and in other photo-competitions.

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